• Emerging Consulting (EC) offers comprehensive financial management solutions, focused on the following areas: accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax compliance, grants and contracts compliance, USAID financial compliance, and audit support.


    Our accounting expertise comes from years of experience of our team working with international organizations, non-profit entities and small businesses. The accounting system we develop will meet the requirements of small to medium size entity both commercial and non-profit organizations.

    For our client, we recommend setting up their accounting system in QuickBooks by Intuit. QuickBooks will allow you to easily record your income and expenses, track your cash and bank accounts, create invoices, track receivables and payables and obtain various financial reports instantly which can also be exported in MS Excel should you need further analysis. Our team has excellent knowledge of and are experienced in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online. We are also registered as Accountant with Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor program and we have the full technical support from Inuit in the United States.


    We provide in-house accounting and bookkeeping support as well as outsourced services. For clients that want to keep their books of accounts and records at their office, we assist them in training and supervision of their accounting staff to ensure they have the knowledge and resources to perform their duties adequately. We also schedule regular visits to verity their work is completed accurately and on time. Our support includes on-job training, remote review support, regular review of their books, vouchers, tax filing, cash management and financial reports.

    For clients that want to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping function, we provide the full service to ensure their financial records managed professionally and maintained up to date.  With the current digital revolution, sharing documents and information is easier and more convenient than ever before. We will regularly update the accounting records based on documents received from client that may include electronic copy of the bank account and credit card statements as well as receipts and invoices. We provide regular and ad hoc financial reports.


    EC provides payroll administration and processing services that ranges from basic low-cost excel spreadsheet to fully automated payroll software. Our payroll services are designed for small to medium sized organizations in non-profit sector, government contractors and small businesses. EC payroll team ensures payrolls are properly processed and recorded, payroll taxes are accurately calculated and timely reported, and payments are made on time. EC is an official partner of the following providers of payroll software.

    • Intuit Payroll
    • SurePayroll


    We assist our clients who are not-for-profit entities in the United States in preparing and filing their annual tax returns (form 990) and employee related taxes. For small business, we ensure they are in full compliance with all their tax compliance obligations from monthly to quarterly and annual returns.

    For Afghanistan clients, we ensure they are in full compliance with Afghanistan tax laws. Regardless of the type of entity, some of the main tax areas that may be applicable include wage withholding, contractor withholding, rental withholding, business receipts tax (BRT) and annual income tax return. Non-profit entities and foreign entities maybe eligible for tax exemption but they are required to apply and obtain a tax exemption letter from the Ministry of Finance (MOF). All exempt and non-exempt are required to obtain tax identification number (TIN) for their entities and employees. We provide guidance to ensure our clients understand the requirements and assist them with mandatory filling of their taxes on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


    As a US-based consulting firm, we provide consulting services including grants and contracts compliance and financial management support services to non-profits and federal implementing partners in the United States and overseas.  Our consultants have an average of over 15 years of experience with USAID awards with an extensive and practical knowledge of federal regulations applicable to contracts, grants and cooperative agreements. Some specific experiences include: financial audit, compliance audit, procurement compliance review, review of technical and cost proposals/applications, project budgeting, pre-award assessment of sub-awardees, developing operation manuals for finance, human resources, travel and procurement.

    EC team have an in-depth knowledge of the federal rules and regulations such as 2 CFR 200/700, FAR/AIDAR, OMB Circulars, DSSR, and ADS. As former employees of USAID, EC consultants are trained and obtained federal contracting certificates to serve as Senior Contracting Specialists and Agreement/Contracting Officer Representative (A/COR) and therefore are aware of all aspects of project design, administration, monitoring and contractual compliance requirements.


    Our team has a long history of working directly with various audits, from being audited by other auditors to managing U.S. government audits and reviewing audit reports and being auditors themselves, conducting audits for the U.S. government. This experience has given us a unique opportunity in understanding the requirements, processes, procedures and internal controls necessary to prepare and respond to an audit.

    Our support involves a compliance assessment and assistance in helping the organizations meet the requirements in preparation for an external audit. The goal is to ensure a painless, smooth audit process in which the organization passing is assured. The preparatory process allows the organization to meet compliance requirements on its own timelines, rather than scrambling in the throes of an audit remediation process.

    Our assessment will include examining the organization’s policy and practice documentation for compliance with regulatory or business practice requirements. Reviewing documentation maintained for procurements, payments, hiring, travel and internal controls documented in the form of authorizations.  Reporting on gaps identified and recommend corrective actions to be taken by management to overcome the gaps.

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AACC Conference in Washington D.C.

Emerging Consulting, LLC is a Silver Sponsor of the U.S.-Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference 2016 (BMC 2016) by Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce on December 13 - 15, 2016 in Washington D.C.


Emerging Consulting (EC) is a management consulting firm based in Virginia, USA, specialized in the field of accounting, financial management, audits preparation, compliance and business consulting.


AACC Conference in Washington D.C.

Emerging Consulting, LLC is a Silver Sponsor of the U.S.-Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference 2016 (BMC 2016) by Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce on December 13 - 15, 2016 in Washington D.C.

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